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From Travel Blog to Travel Abroad: How Globalization Increases Travel

People are more connected than ever before. With the biggest library in the world often held inside our pockets, halfway across the world can often feel like it’s right in our own backyard. For many though, the mere scrolling of a smartphone through travel blogs is not enough, and a hunger for travel begins to swell deep within them.


Merriam-Webster defines globalization as “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy”, and thanks to it, the inspiration for travel has never been so prominent in the minds of so many. Not only are other cultures held in the collective conscious of more people than ever before, but the cost and ability to visit them has never been so easy, as well.


Globalization and the Need for More


Gone are the days of browsing through extensive travel magazines or contacting a government service in order to travel. With people now possessing the ability to schedule a round-trip flight from America to Indonesia, the interconnectivity of cultures is becoming increasingly prevalent, and this presents people with an ability to experience certain aspects of a culture before they even visit.


A culture’s unique cuisine, architectural history, and unique landmarks are often the selling factor for many to pack their bags and visit, and with those aspects popping up on our phones and computers every day, it often leads people wanting more – more of the unique, cultural distinctions that make travel so appealing.


Ease of Travel


Globalization, to some extent, works in tandem with capitalism, which is good news for those who love to travel. Scheduling flights and traveling is easier than ever before. People now have the ability to search for the cheapest flights on their smartphones and tablets, as well as review the best airlines and cruises. Also, traveling in comfort has increased as well. Many airlines serve food (if the flight is long enough), have reclining seats, and individual screens to watch movies on.


Ease of travel, paired with the increasing desire to do so because of constant exposure, is making traveling to more exotic destinations more and more of a commonality amongst people.


While it is true that globalization can sometimes invoke negative thoughts in some people’s minds – cultural appropriation and gentrification to name a few – it is important to acknowledge the great benefits it has had on helping to foster the awareness and appreciation for people, places, and cultures that many were unaware of in years past.