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Global studies is a broad area of expertise. The global studies umbrella spans many different areas of study and can lead to many different career paths. This article will help explain some of the aspects that global studies covers and identify how large the parameters are.


The phenomena known as globalization has affected various cultures and societies. A larger part of global studies is used to identify how globalization has influenced countries and people in those countries. Globalization refers to the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.


How does globalization affect culture in countries around the world? Culture plays an enormous role in globalization and includes many topics of research for global studies. Topics included under culture are:


  • Religion – differences in religion in countries and how it affects the effort of globalization
  • Resistance to globalization – countries who oppose the efforts of globalization and the tactics they implement to prevent it from happening
  • Education – How globalization affects the education system of countries.
  • International Workforce – Globalization gives way to a myriad of other resources otherwise not available to certain countries. How is the workforce changing with these new resources due to globalization?
  • Influence on Tradition – Identifying variants in tradition due to globalization.
  • Sports – how the efforts of globalization have changed the way we look at sports and competing with other countries. The Olympics is a great example of this.


Political systems are primarily affected by the efforts of globalization. Globalization affects the way countries communicate and interact with each other. Topics included under Politics are:


  • Resistance to transformative politics – how does globalization play a part in transforming political methods and how in turn does that create civil unrest in those countries.
  • Terrorism – how does globalization play a part in terrorism across countries.
  • International Diplomacy – globalization has brought countries closer together more than ever before. How does this new wave of communication and access hurt, or help countries in forming relationships with each other?
  • Economics – with the ability to form meaningful and possibly profitable relationships with other countries, how does globalization play a part in shifting economies?
  • Sustainable Development – How does globalization affect the overall development of a country? Does globalization positively or negatively impact a society?


Covering all aspects of global studies is a challenge. This serves as a general overview of just two major categories that global studies include.